The Name Says It All

The Stradun, Old Town Dubrovnik (photo by Mala Matacin Dec. 31, 2016)

MalaMataZine was not the blog name I wanted (MalaZine was taken).  But, it has grown on me. 

First, my name is Mala Matacin and it sounds a lot like how my last name is supposed to be pronounced in Croatian (Ma-ta-ts-een). The c in my last name is pronounced like the “ts” in “cats” or “pizza”. 

Second, mala in Croatian means “small”.  And, of course, a zine is self-generated, non-official publication often produced in small quantities for those interested in a particular subject.  I love that zines are alternative narratives written by and for those who occupy marginalized spaces; and as a professor, I am deeply interested in and committed to addressing issues of privilege and oppression. 

Third, I am an academic at the University of Hartford who is spending my year in Croatia connecting with scholars, activists, and organizations who are working to address gender inequalities–a “small zine” of my experiences suits my blog name.

Fourth, it highlights my name which has always been a source of connection to my Croatian heritage on both my mother’s and father’s sides. My father was born in Preko and my grandfather (on my mom’s side) was born in Dubrovnik. 

So, welcome to Mala’s little online zine!  I will be writing about both my professional and personal experiences and sharing my photos.  I welcome you to follow along, respond to my posts, and send advice.  I fly out tomorrow (September 1, 2019). 

Hvala lijepa!

18 thoughts on “The Name Says It All

  1. Yay, Mala! I will for sure look forward to your zine entries! So proud of you! You are amazing in so many ways. But most of all you are a dear friend who is an important presence in my life. It will be an adjustment knowing you’re not a mere 30 minutes away…But through this amazing technology we will always be connected. I will write to you from Nepal as well!❤️

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  2. Loving the MalaMataZine!! I’m so looking forward to following your travels and adventures. You rock the world Mala!! ❤ 🙂


  3. This is going to be amazing, connecting to your experience in Croatia. You know my love of being on the computer (haha), so please know even when you are not hearing from me, you are always in my heart. Love you and wish you the experience you are dreaming of and all the surprises that follow.


  4. How’s day/night one?! Thinking about you in your new life! I hope your leg is doing ok! I had exciting news today! My first chrysalis emerged soon before I got home from work! Tuck! I hadn’t thought the chrysalis looked viable, everything I read recommended euthanizing it. Good thing I waited! I’ll send photos as soon as I figure out how! Nature is so amazing!🦋💜 Hope you’re well darlin’!


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